14 motivated young women
thinkers, creators, designers, leaders


San Francisco, California
June to July 2021


$1,500 per month
with financial aid by request

The Location

A beautiful 14 bedroom apartment located in San Francisco's Nob Hill District.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Women have traditionally been underrepresented in technology and the sciences. For our pilot experience, we want to build a community that encourages women in these fields. Because most co-living experiences are currently male dominated, our goal is to create a unique space for women to connect, share their ideas and voice their opinions.

    In the future, as The Garden community grows, we may open up co-ed options if there is sufficient interest. However, if you are a male and extremely interested in participating in this cohort, please reach out to our organizers!

  • Absolutely not! The San Francisco 2021 experience is our pilot house but certainly not our last. Long term, we hope to build The Garden into a lasting network of friends, coworkers, and mentors. We hope to not only give our women experiential but also financial support to fund their projects and ideas. This is the beginning of something beautiful, and you have the opportunity to become a part!

  • The Garden is the first of its kind: a female-focused experience that promotes female empowerment in technology, business, and outreach. The pilot house is the beginning of a lasting community that will cultivate the next generation of strong female leadership. We strive to establish a network of women of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, educational levels, and interests who share our common goals.

  • Each member will rent out a room in the house for the two month experience with shared common spaces.

    1. Recreational: Hiking, Kayaking, Beach Trips, City Adventures, etc.
    2. Educational: Demos and Pitch Nights, Hackathons, Book Clubs, Learning Groups
    3. Community-Building: Networking, Mentorship, Guest Speakers, and Friendships!
  • Young women with an entrepraneurial drive of ALL backgrounds between the ages of 18-25 are welcome to apply!

  • Click the interest form button to fill out our applicant interest survey, and our organizers will reach out to follow up!

  • We'd like to have our cohort membership finalized by the end of May.

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